Hello, World!

I am Niraj Patel

About Me

Hi! My name is Niraj Patel. I am a Computer Science student in my final year at the University of Texas at Austin. I am currently seeking a full time Software Engineering position. I am well on my way to becoming a proficient full stack developer; however, as of now I am more suited to be a backend developer than a frontend developer. I have interned with several companies and have gained valuable experience in the field during those terms. Some of the most valuable experiences I have gained are listed below. If you would like to get in touch with me, please email me at nirajpatel@utexas.edu.

Programming Languages: Java, SQL, Javascript, Python, HTML/CSS
Frameworks: Spring, AngularJS, Maven, Bootstrap
Technologies: Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, Hadoop, GitHub, Jira


The University of Texas at Austin

Computer Science, B.S.

August 2010 to May 2015

Selected coursework:
Modern Web Applications
Big Data Programming
Database Management
iOS Programming
Principles of Computer Systems
Computer Organization and Architecture
Algorithms and Data Structures
Longhorn Startup Lab

Work Experience

HomeAway, Inc.

Time Period: June 2014 to August 2014

Location: Austin, Texas

Website: http://homeaway.com/

Designed and created verification suite for subscription autorenewal system that processes hundreds of orders netting $100,000 daily using Java and TestNG over the Spring framework

Created RESTful API to provide autorenewal functionality to other services via JSON request/response

Automated verification suite using TeamCity with detailed run results and well-structured logging

SimplyTapp, Inc.

Time Period: June 2013 to December 2013

Location: Austin, Texas

Website: http://simplytapp.com/

Developed mobile wallet backend using Java, JSP, and SQL written for JBoss Application Server for the Royal Bank of Canada

Created MySQL database to store transaction access tokens, unique user identifiers, and backend settings

Implemented OAuth 1.0a authorization for SimplyTapp’s developer REST API

The University of Texas at Austin's
Texas Advanced Computing Center

Time Period: June 2012 to August 2012

Location: Austin, Texas

Website: https://tacc.utexas.edu/

Assembled a touchscreen computer interface, similar to the Microsoft Surface, using a motion-tracking glass and a Mac

Reconstructed and upgraded the largest tile screen display in the world with new computer nodes and additional monitors

Completed various assigned research projects and assisted other researchers

Niraj Design & Photography

Time Period: August 2009 to Present

Location: Austin, Texas

Website: http://facebook.com/nirajdesign/

Branded/rebranded businesses, organizations and events across the United States

Designed material including websites, videos, shirts and fliers for over 40 different entities

Developed marketing strategies and publicity material to promote events



Time Period: September 2014

Uber Coding Challenge

Website: http://goo.gl/cVu5Ne/

Developed web application for public transportation itineraries

Built Spring-based RESTful web service to provide user location and itinerary functionality to AngularJS client

Consumed Google Maps Directions and Google Maps Geocode API to provide public transportation and location data to web application

Hosted static website on Amazon Web Services S3 and web server on Heroku


Time Period: June 2014 to Present

Personal Project

Created an SMS-based door opening system using Raspberry Pi and Arduino Uno

Utilized Twilio API to provide SMS trigger for system

Setup local web server for application using Flask and exposed server using ngrok


Time Period: June 2013 to December 2013

Course Project

Created a mini shell for basic background and foreground job execution and implementation of process control and signal handling

Assembled an operating systems framework that implement threads, user programs, virtual memory, and a file system

Ran tests through Bochs simulator and checked for errors through the GDB debugger

UT Business Contracts

Time Period: June 2012 to August 2012

Course Project

Constructed logical model with entities and relationships to improve cross referencing and report functionality for the Business Contracts office for the University of Texas at Austin

Created a database web application on Oracle's Application Express 5.0 that displays the contract information and enabled features through interactive reports and modal windows

Implemented tickler system to keep track of contract renewals and end dates

Wrote triggers to automatically update payment balances and create invoices

Everything is a work in progress